Monday, February 27, 2017

What I'm Doing For Lent

Lent is two days away. In the past, I always gave up wine or dessert and usually ended up adding ammendments to my promise so I could cheat. Not really in keeping with the spirit of Lent!

This year, instead of giving up something I've decided to DO something productive.

As a recent addict of Marie Kondo I've decided to tackle 40 different things to help organize my house. I started before Christmas by organizing my closets and chest of drawers. It took me three days to go through every single item of clothing I owned, decide whether is sparked joy or if it was to be donated. I cleared out SO MUCH stuff and now have everything beautifully organized.

Yet, I stopped there. My house is over-run with things I don't need or I'm unreasonably attached to and can't throw out. Every now and then I have a surge of purge and start chucking out knick-knacks and papers I've saved for decades but haven't been able to discard. And you know what? I don't even miss a single thing. No regrets.

So this Lent I'm purging my house of clutter and rubbish. I've moved to five different homes in the last seven years and have moved most of this stuff with me. Do I really still need the birthday cards from friends in college that I don't even remember? Or thousands of printed photos of people I can't remember from my 20s? No, I do not. I can't even remember half the events (or the clothes I was wearing - and don't even get me started on that! Thank heavens I've already thrown them out!)

I'm making my list, checking it twice and gonna find out what's not sparking joy! According to Marie Kondo - you have to hold every single item of clothing, pot, pan, paper, vase, etc. If it doesn't bring you a sense of joy or usefulness - it's gotta go.

My old Diane Von Furstenburg dresses sizes 2 and 4 did spark joy. But after two kids - it' ain't going to happen. So I put them in a consignment shop and they sold for a nice pretty penny. And that sparked considerably more joy! I've sold old bags, purses, jewelry, shoes on eBay and don't miss one single thing.

Now the rest of the house is going to get the KonMari treatment. I don't need 64 wine glasses - yet I have them! Don't need two blenders either. My kitchen is overrun with things I never use. So is my office.

Come Wednesday, look out house. I'm coming to clean you out. And I'm going to find that joy!

And when Lent is over. I'm going shopping! ;-)

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