Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I am an eBay Nightmare

I admit it freely. I put our pushchair/stroller on eBay reluctantly. Now that X is turning four he's walking everywhere. We haven't used it since July and therefore it's now collecting dust and taking up room. After staring at it for too long, I decided I'd sell it.

I've sold many things on eBay, including two other pushchairs and loads of baby items. I sell them cheaply and was really happy to see young families carting off our baby things. They were happy to get a quality item in good condition at a reasonable price and I was happy to see our things go to a good home. I'm sentimental about it.

After much deliberation, I listed our fancy stroller with all the bells and whistles onto eBay. It's the last real baby thing we have here and I had a hard time even thinking about selling it. I wanted to give it away but I don't know anyone who wanted it. After talking with Fen, we decided to just list it and give it away to someone who would appreciate it. It's worth about £900+ new. I was then excited to see someone nice walk away with it.

That is decidedly not what happened. An eBay store that buys up expensive push chairs and then strips them to sell off as spare parts aggressively outbid each of the other bidders to win it for a song. I was so disappointed. Really disappointed. I did not want my precious stroller getting picked apart and sold off for much more money than they bought it for. It was not going to happen. It deserves better.

Maybe I'm too sentimental. I'm a soft touch, I know it. But there was no way I was going to let it happen.  I cancelled the sale on the winner and explained why. They were....not happy. I've got a giant red warning on my account from them saying I am awful, rotten and rude and a terrible eBayer. I am a nightmare. I'm sorry I wasted their time and I don't fault them for their enterprising ways. But forget it.

I offered the second bidder the chance to buy it. They haven't responded. If they don't, I will just sell it on Gum Tree or hang onto it forever. So what if it's taking up so much room in my kitchen!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Tudor House

Cate came home with instructions for her homework: create a Tudor home no larger than a shoe box. They are learning about the Great Fire of London in 1666. She was very excited about it. Me: not so much. I hate it when I have homework too. We had three weeks to complete it. So with one week to go before it had to be handed in I googled Tudor houses and we set to work. I did not want to be the only one to work on this - she HAD to be involved. Here's what we did:

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I glued my Blackberry box to a icing sugar box carefully. We then fitted it with an overhanging window, a dormer window and the roof with bits of cardboard. We also outlined the 'wooden' beams for that authentic Tudor look.  Cate and I then custom fitted a cardboard roof complete with cardboard chimney and then she painted it all white.

Our overhanging window is coming together.
Painting it white.
All white and ready for detail.

 Then came the details. Cate painted all the wooden trim, followed by the chimney and the windows themselves.

Painting the details
Finishing touches on the roof and chimney

Finally we added straw - which we nicked from a funny bush that grows giant bushy reeds in the front garden. We glued it on and then trimmed it with scissors. Finally, we added a little cotton wool to the chimney for smoke and VOILA - our rich merchants Tudor home was complete. Pity they are going to burn it at school!