Monday, February 4, 2013

Bye Bye PTA

I've been gone a long time for good reason. I've been taking my life back.

After the dreaded Christmas Fair for the PTA I had a bit of a rough time. First, the core committee, for which I was co-chair, decided I had set the bar too high for them. They were not interested in having by-laws or structure. They did not think I needed to be a co-chair. I was told that I shouldn't speak about PTA business with other parents and that I should think of the PTA as a hobby. Silly businesswoman that I am - I thought a little structure, order and more people involved would make life easier. Alas, they were not interested. However, they'd love for me to stay and run all the events but needn't worry about the running of the PTA.

Yeah. I quit. Now I am a pariah at the school and basically ignored by one and all. I don't regret my decision as I was really unhappy with the whole thing. So now I have much more free time on my hands. That's great.

I did suffer through the norovirus and my birthday but I'm finally back on track and eyeing the gym again.

It feels great.


  1. You won't miss it. Sometimes I think I have spent way too much time doing school stuff.

  2. OMG! You dared try to run a PTA efficiently? Silly rabbit, if things ran smoothly, what would they have to crab about? Trust me, their loss, but one doubts they will be smart enough to realize it.

  3. I sit on countless committees...and chair a few of them - I never hesitate to step down if the committee isn't running in a way I would want my name on. You did the right thing!

  4. Whaaaaaaat?!? That happened here? People are really that uppity about the PTA????? It sounds like an episode of Desperate Housewives; you're well shod of the stress, I reckon! xx

    PS: Hi, how the heck are you? Haven't seen you in aaaaaaaaages!!!

  5. Ah, yes, a British PTA, a totally different animal than an American one. Luckily when I was on one it was 2 Americans and 2 Italians, so we at least saw eye to eye about things like whether or not the moms should have comprehensive email lists. And it is all very secretive and private.

    I'm not a fan of PTA's in general, but I find the British ones easier than ours frankly. You couldn't pay me to do PTA here at home. It is certainly a full time job. And the better you do, the more results expected. And everyone wants to get involved. I was on the PTA at one of the Thomas's schools. The whole Thomas's system is probably roughly comparable to our K-5 elementary. For an entire PTA and admin staff meeting, they used a boardroom setup in the gym for perhaps 40 people. Here, I stopped counting the number of VACANT positions on the email that went around last May at 65. I think they create positions and subcommittees just so people feel involved. I've worked for businesses and political campaigns that are less complicated.

    Put your free time to better use. And so sorry to hear about the Barbie--or really you and the microwave.


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