Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On the hunt

Now that the food poisoning has finally gone we're on a serious hunt for a home. I went by myself yesterday (well, with X) to look at a few places. The estate agent was a 20ish boy who had absolutely no clue what a family with small children need - but he tried. One place was nice and would have been perfect but had no bath tub - impossible. Another was so dim and dreary with the ugliest brown patterned wall-to-wall carpeting - I'm quite certain that it was once a crack den. Awful.

I'm meeting with two other agents to have a look around Islington which is where we're currently staying and I really like. Hopefully we'll find something and move quickly.

Poor Cate is still hating day care and cries for her Brooklyn friends hysterically when I drop her off. It is killing me to see her scream and try to pullthe rain cover back over her on the pram instead of leaping out to have fun like she used to. At least she's happier here at our temporary home. And X is still the jolliest little smiling baby. He's such a good little man.

I'm just stunned by how small everything is - not just the apartments/flats - everything is smaller; portion sizes, toilet paper rolls, paper towels, you name it. My husband said it's like we're still in rations during the last big war. I bought the tiniest garlic bulb the other day - it looked like the baby of a US bulb and that's when it dawned on me - Britain isn't smaller - the US is oversized - everything is HUGE. Even food is larger and I start to wonder about all the US food that's not organic - God only knows what they're putting in the soil to make everything so big and colorful. I shudder to think.

The fashions here are a bit outrageous - not on everyone but a lot of people have their own crazy way of dressing - hair coloring (I mean blue, purple, bright pink, etc) is very big - even on older women - and not just the entire hair - sometimes just the bangs, or a piece of hair. I'm not judging - sometimes it's quite fetching - Ijust find it different. HOwever, one young woman wore a heavy wool coat cinched at the waist with a wide elastic belt sporting a gold-toned double shell clasp - the likes I haven't seen since I snogged Roger Eldon at a matinee showing of Lady Hawk! Bizzaro.

I find it all fascinating and fun. I"m sure some of my sweater sets are making the British snore with boredom.

Thanks for the support - and help with the ampersand - it is shift 2 in case anyone was interested!


  1. There certainly are some sights to see in London, huh?

  2. Hope you find a place soon. Houses are definitely smaller here, but you should find a decent garlic bulb somewhere in London.


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