Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's official - I'm old

Today as I walked over to the daycare Cate attends, my umbrella rolled off the top of my double Phil & Ted stroller. I stopped to pick it up but a VERY attractive man handed it back to me with the most charming smile. He's the best looking man I've seen in a long time (live, that is) - like a young Rupert Everett with better lips and jet black, newscaster hair (American newscaster hair!).I said, "Thank you so much." to which he replied in the most delightfully posh accent: "Not at all, Madam."


Lawdy. It was all I could do not to say, "You run along now, sonny."

Ah, 'tis a sad day when you realize you are definitely out of the running with hot young men! Thank heavens I think my husband is still gorgeous (cause he is). Otherwise I might be stuffing chocolate hobnobs in my denture free mouth right now. Actually, I think I will anyway.


  1. why did you have to bring hobnobs into it?...another thing i love and miss dearly. Oh, that and family too of course, erm yeah. Umm hobnobs...

  2. I would have consoled myself with 'well, maybe he means 'madam' in a polite way, maybe they just do that here. Maybe he doesn't mean 'older woman' maybe he means...' and so on. Im very good at convincing myself exactly what I need to. :)

    Hope you're settling in well!


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