Saturday, February 27, 2010

Huzzuh! We've found a home!

It took two weeks and multiple estate agents but we found a flat in Hampstead! It's tiny compared to our old place in Brooklyn but was one of the largest we saw. I'm thrilled. It has a large lounge and a huge back yard - and I mean HUGE. I'll have to post photos of the yard.

It's ours on the 8th but our furniture doesn't arrive until April 2! Good thing we packed an aerobed, sheets, towels, etc. just in case. We'll stay at corporate housing until the 13th and do some painting, have the telephone, TV and broadband set up before we get in. We have a bunch of things to buy as well - like a new fridge and a washer/dryer.

Now I have to start a hunt for daycare for Cate and things for her to do - like playgroups,  play spaces, Gymboree - if anyone knows any great places for 3 year olds in Hampstead please let me know.

Fen is thrilled because he can walk to work - or just take the tube or a bus which will only take 10 minutes if that. So things are starting to look up!

Of course if everything was going perfectly I'd be suspicious. Both Fen and I have nasty colds today - sore throats, congested, headaches and chills. Ah well. Hope we're better by tomorrow because we've hired a babysitter (a woman from Cate's current daycare) to sit tomorrow so we can go out for lunch. alone. I can't wait! And now that we don't have to search for a flat in our free time - we can actually get out and see London. Hooray!


  1. So glad you found something. Hampstead is a beautiful part of London. I spent a while there and loved walking the Heath. Enjoy!

  2. Oh, also. A good place to ask about toddler groups is your local community centre or the local school.

  3. Excellent news! the house not the colds. i hope they clear up fast.

  4. Fantastic! Just catching up on blogs now... Pleased to read your good news. Its a relief I know. Now you can settle in and properly 'nest'. Enjoy it!!

  5. I grew up in the Hampstead area and I loved it and so will you. There's a Gymboree Play and Music at the O2 Centre on Finchley Road. The O2 centre also has a great gym called Esporta which has kids activities and a creche. There is a big American Community in St Johns Wood, close by, as there is a very good private American School there called American School of London.
    You're going to love exploring Hampstead Parish Church - it's got a lovely cemetry. And of course the Heath is great. Do check out Golders Hill Park - it's part of the Heath and has animals and ducks - your children will love it! Enjoy!

  6. I nannied in Hampstead last summer for a young toddler, and we absolutely loved the Gymboree in the 02 Centre! Hampstead is beautiful - congrats on finding a place.


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